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The firewood fulfil of casual and performance
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To a lot of proprietor of an enterprises, how to get from employee body most golden eggs is a long-term issue. But the farmer to managing an orchard, long-term one word may be not applicable: Workers just come when summer harvest, after doing a few weeks, come home, it is to hamster a certain university attends a course normally.

Picked worker is very hard, but this also is the problem that farmer has a headache: The firewood reward that he pays must reach minimum wage level, can arouse the worker's enthusiasm even at the same time. Do this group, cannot help stealing sometimes lazy it is understandable.

Of a big orchard possessory " farmer Smith " (Farmer Smith) , in a christmas when think had afore-mentioned problems. He discovers, the relation of firewood fulfil and performance, also be a domain of card of economist anode do one's best.

such, farmer built to look between Smith and 3 economist be like impossible collaboration. These 3 economist -- Ye of Ban Di of Ao Liya graceful · is pulled (Oriana Bandiera) , Yi Long Kaoyi of Bao of 10 thousand · (Iwan Barankay) and Yimulan Lasuer (Imran Rasul) -- it is farmer, as redound, they can regard a tremendous lab as the orchard, friendship of research firewood fulfil, colleague (fall in their design) with the relation between labor productivity.

This farmer uses metric labor rate all along, press fee of service of computation of every kilogram fruit namely, but also must ensure: No matter the worker is to be in,few and far between place plucks, when firewood cannot under legal standard. This farmer tries to adjust labor rate everyday, in order to make its are in from beginning to end appropriate and unapt too high level: All worker's picked fruit is more, labor rate is lower. But be versed in people psych prepares, they are being stared at each other, lest somebody is picked too quickly, such everybody integral speed comes down slow, also push tall labor rate.

Bandiyela and her work in the same placing put forward a kind of different method to adjust labor rate, make be versed in people cannot go slow through collective will affect labor rate, evaluate a result next. When the experiment ends, farmer Smith's original misgive vanished completely early: New firewood fulfil plan makes labor productivity (namely the fruit weight that every worker plucks hourly, calculate with kilogram) rose 50% the left and right sides.

Second year summer, student changes attention to drive primary administrator, these people also are ab extra casual, but responsible spot is decision-making, if assign what worker,picked where discharges a fruiter. Investigator discovery, administrator apt him keep an eye on friend, let the fruiter that they are in charge of had better be being picked. Such doing can let " people on one's own side " more relaxed, but go against improve productivity, because the most businesslike division of labor should be,let the ablest worker's picked and best fruiter.
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