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Beijing business pay coachs the line gets offline to go up first move to 3.5%
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The absolute magnitude that average wage increased Beijing town worker last year achieves afterwards since founding a state after highest value, average wage increased Beijing town worker again last year 10.44% , achieve 39867 yuan. Yesterday, town work and social security bureau were announced " the announcement that about releasing Beijing business pay coached the line concerns an issue 2008 " , this city salary coached the line offers an opinion 2008, announced price of guidance of 45 occupational salary.

This year, maximum wage rises line and lowest rise line all relatively rose last year, among them Beijing enterprise minimum wage coachs the line gets offline to be moved to 3.5% first. Salary coachs the executive time of the line is this year, and apply to central enterprise is in Beijing.


Salary points to lead: It is to be below market economic system, local government is the implementation that assures macroscopical economy end, level of supply and demand of level of development of basis place socioeconomy and index of dweller consumption price, labor and other socioeconomy index decide wages increases a level, directive salary distributive form of a kind of macroscopical adjusting control. Salary coachs the line is 3 lines commonly, namely datum line, on line and get offline.


  Datum line 11.5%

Through calculating, town work and social security bureau put forward business pay pointed to lead 2008. This points to lead by datum line, on line (early-warning line) and get offline 3 lines composition.

The datum line that business pay points to lead is 11.5% . Production runs the company that normal, economic benefits grows, can combine oneself to consult actually the wages that datum line arranges this business increases a level. " announcement " requirement, when these enterprises are arranging worker pay to grow, should follow the following principle: On this enterprise year average wage is in what average wage standard controls whole city worker, wages increases extent to be able to decide according to datum line; Average wage is this city worker average wage standard of double above, wages increases scope ought to under datum line. The average employee of administrator of the eliminate in the enterprise is average salary under whole city worker average wage standard of 60% , average wage growth is OK the line on prep above, but average wage does not get prep above to go up after growth year of whole city worker is average salary.

   Go up line 16.5%

Business pay points to lead go up line (early-warning line) for 16.5% . 2006, the enterprise with benefit rapidder 2007 growth, in principle should under on the line arranges this business pay to increase a level.

   Get offline 3.5%

Business pay points to lead get offline for 3.5% . The enterprise is in when economic benefits drops somewhat or running deficit in those days, can consult get offline the wages that arranges this business increases a level. As we have learned, this year is this city coachs business pay the line gets offline to be certainly first 3.5% . And the business pay of in former years points to lead getting offline is to be decided to be 0 growth or negative growth. " announcement " point out pay of management deficit, worker sends the company that puts occurrence difficulty at the same time, classics and labour union or worker delegate talk things over, can arrange this business pay to 0 grow or enjoy growth, pay the salary that offers normal labor worker to be not gotten under standard of this city minimum wage (namely 730 yuan / month) .
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