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Peaceful wave Hui Cong defaults 200 employee wages to encounter collective denou
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On September 10, the office is in Beijing Xizhimen the limited company of technology of business affairs of Hui Cong electron of energy-saving edifice (abbreviation " Ningbo Hui Cong " ) the collective that sufferred tens of renown employee denounces firewood, this B2B company face that basically makes international trade is facing the most severe crisis: Capital insecurity is brought about default wages of about 200 employee to have a few months. This company appears on the market just about company Hui Cong net limited company (company of 8292.HK) subordinate share.

At present, as a result of business of overseas market trade gloomy, zheng Min of CEO of peaceful wave Hui Cong is a company how stand out a crisis and be anxious. Should know one year previously, he still is great ambition lofty or bottomless to company development.

   Bovine city is outspread

In July 2007, hui Cong net serves as access of its domain name become a shareholder, hui Cong of hold peaceful wave the share of 19% . A lot of employee still remember clearly, initial stage holds water in the company, zheng Min of CEO of peaceful wave Hui Cong ever expressed ambitiously to everybody, "The target of the company is to want to be achieved in the first year of turnover 150 million, the business that with 3 years of time the Libaba that do A does 6 years " .

Successful case of Alibaba is touching the nerve of many people, zheng Min also saw the tremendous prospect of electronic business affairs and international trade. Zheng Min has Canadian citizenship and overseas works old, the business space to overseas market and the latent capacity to B2B business mode are valued sturdily, he begins to make the platform of electronic business affairs that faces overseas market with all one's strength.

B2B is the trade that product, service and news have through Internet between enterprise and enterprise, peaceful wave Hui Cong comparatives in fact then orgnaization of intermediary of a foreign trade. And at that time, the investor that values this property cans be found everywhere, they long to search next Alibaba. Peaceful wave Hui Cong invests to just be chosen of purpose from a few finally choose fund of IDG technology poineering investment, took the initiative financing of 2.5 million dollar.

Sales revenue exceeds the month that ever had appeared last year 7 million yuan auspicious situation, let Zheng Min more those who promoted pair of overseas markets is hopeful anticipate. "Beneficial result is very right last year, the company does not hold water to obtain such result to half an year beyond my expect. The company does not hold water to obtain such result to half an year beyond my expect..

"The phone at that time serves a quantity one day to be able to achieve 80 or so at most, very busy. " peaceful wave Hui Cong sells service personnel to recall the working case by last year. And at that time, many employee can take on 10 thousand yuan monthly pay.
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