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How should be the board of directors ordered provide firewood fulfil plan high s
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Came 12 years in the past, I offer the proposal of tall canal and design of respect of stock firewood fulfil for China and Hong Kong company all the time, want to making the part that tall canal firewood proposes a toast the plan acts in the light of the board of directors now, share a few opinion with everybody.

   What should the board of directors do?

Above all, will talk about the part of the board of directors. The board of directors is to improve company performance and of existence. They must select the presiding apparitor of eligibility and tall canal group, the encourage of behavior shunt excitation that supervises them manages a group to achieve growing goal effectively.

Accordingly, the responsibility of trustee should be emphasized at firewood fulfil to plan, with connecting effectively performance of firewood respond with a poem. Firewood fulfil design is an approve not simply presiding apparitor hires the simple process that employs contract just. The board of directors must understand, they are responsible the firewood fulfil principle that affirms a company is reasonable, because, tall canal firewood proposes a toast the plan can mirror a board of directors to reach its to deliver the opinion that gets the better of the strategy to the company. Board of directors must the target that they miss li Qing Dynasty to propose a toast through providing fuel high strategic place wants to reach, they need beard and hair exhibits to cover a viewpoint and take relevant way, decide firewood proposes a toast how the different element in plan should match.

The fulfil of tall canal firewood of the board of directors is decision-making should emphasize on drive and award. The board of directors must establish the design principle that firewood fulfil plans. Of bonus giving is to should be kind to tall canal not merely, however the sense of responsibility that hold together is in charge of, ensure they fulfil their affirmatory responsibility seriously. And board of directors must it is important that postmortem should plan whether OK effective tarry director, and performance award is enough. Evaluate pressing with a finger and target cost of standard of the amount that the board of directors should pay close attention to award, qualification, plan and the combination that its invest pay, fixed firewood and fluctuant premium, for a long time with short-term pay scale, performance (should use for example absolutely, opposite still evaluate index) , and different performance expression can have what award measure. The firewood fulfil that looks very inviting plans, the result is not certain satisfactory, all plans should take care test and verify all sorts of circumstances, emphasize on the end that the enterprise means to achieve at the same time.

   The design is in charge of firewood high to propose a toast place needs the principle that follow
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