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"Salary has run CPI " gave laborer hope
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Average wage amounted to Guangzhou worker 2007 37993 yuan, average amplitude is amounted to 11.53% , yuan Chao this city the CPI 2007 goes up 3.4% , the index of urban food price that also exceeds 8.9% (on September 13 " Guangzhou daily " ) .

Salary amplitude has run CPI, let a person shine at the moment.

More the salary amplitude that those who let a person fix eyes upon is low income laborer, achieved 13.04% .

The message said a few days ago " wages increases a mechanism " long await be not sent and " business pay rules " encounter " amble " , as a result of,a main reason is current economic situation. Below this one setting, guangzhou salary amplitude has run CPI, gave laborer hope, promoted the happy index of whole society.

The beginning of the year, guangzhou town work and Cui Renquan of director of social security bureau express, guangzhou will be carried out in the round " salary times increase a plan " , from 2008 stand up contends for whole city worker average wage increases by degrees every year 12 % above. This year first half of the year, guangzhou city achieves area total output value three hundred and seventy-three billion three hundred and fifty-three million yuan, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 11.9% ; And according to data of national statistic bureau, first half of the year gross domestic product thirteen thousand and sixty-one billion nine hundred million yuan, grow 10.4% compared to the same period, this explains, current economic situation is fundamental the face is good, it is to be able to be propped up " salary times increase a plan " .

Without giving thought to when, should " salary times increase a plan " engrave is in heart. "Salary times increase a plan " when just coming out, the people cheers caper, be mad with joy. And the durable power that increases from economy looks, drive salary to grow only, the people just dare be consumed, ability is capable to consume, expand inside need talent likely.

Drive salary to grow only, let salary go up had run CPI, ability ensures the life quality of common people won't drop. So, maintain salary to grow moderately, it is the biggest attention the people's livelihood, it is the biggest for real issue of run by the local people.

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