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Guangzhou worker pay ran last year beat price average yearly salary 37993 yuan
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Guangzhou the worker is average last year yearly salary 37993 yuan, relatively the year before last year rises 11.53 % .

Yesterday (on September 12) , bureau of Guangzhou city labor insurance is released " Guangzhou city labour market salary is directive 2008 price " , data shows, sampling worker average wage is 2007 year 37993 yuan, relatively 34065 yuan of 2006 year rise 11.53 % , the average level that indicates pay of worker of spic look forward to is carrying the state of moderate growth.

This investigation does not include the officeholder wage of mechanism institution. It is reported, this second draw-out the production inside urban limits runs 700 normal companies, include state-owned company among them 120, cooperative 40, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan invests an enterprise 60, the foreign trader invests an enterprise 60, Inc. (contain share collaboration business) reach finite liability company 120 times 300.

Labour and capital of bureau of the labor insurance that occupy town grows Introduction Han Zhirong everywhere, this second investigation involves worker of nearly 200 thousand on guard, example of immediate investigation labour force 48000 much people, announce the price of market wages guidance of 442 type of work in all, relatively on year increase 16 type of work in production, it is the market mostly popular profession.

Investigation data shows, join sampling worker 2007 year are average the year on salary comparing rises 11.53 % , also the datum line that the company worker pay that this bureau announces prep above points to lead (9 % ) . More important is, should go up the prices amplitude that panel height announces at statistical branch (3.4 % ) .

   214 thousand! CTO yearly salary is top

Investigation makes clear, the CTO becomes 2007 year not decline to shoulder a responsibility most " gain fund " profession, its average per capita year tower above of post of income comparing president 10 thousand yuan.

Data shows, in all sampling type of work, "Chief inspector " kind level of occupational firewood fulfil is top, especially CTO (214270 yuan / year) , market sale chief inspector (206107 yuan / year) two duty, yearly salary of average per capita exceeds president (204158 yuan / year) the average level of position, and manpower resource chief inspector also with year the level into 185572 yuan, with general manager, factory director (160797 yuan / year) become member of corps of high pay position along with all the others.

   Negative growth of investment manager monthly pay still passes 10 thousand

Investigation shows, 2007 of income lowest is the labour of carry of rubbish Qing Dynasty, member that send dish, member that protect clean and tableware clean a keeper respectively, its Chinese meal provides the average monthly pay that cleans one office only 974 yuan, other the lunar income of a few type of work also is controlled in 1000 yuan. One did not discover in be being investigated this under 2007 standard of Guangzhou minimum wage, namely not less than every months of 780 yuan standards.
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