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With responsibility flow creation organizes performance
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Because market competition environment produced change, the industry should enhance competition ability, must will catch guiding ideology of first of market opportunity, business to turn to the market to hold to be united in wedlock with interior management only, take interior management seriously come above construction. How to want profit to management? The method is very much, among them an important method examines flow, aggrandizement flow to manage afresh namely, on flow compose builds the competition ability of the enterprise.

However, at present the flow administration of a lot of enterprises still occurs more question, basically reflect in 3 respects: It is individual flow still needs standard, summary and perfect; 2 it is flow management business system was not formed; The 3 constituent systems that are flow management were not built.

But basic problem depends on from the back two. The constituent system of flow management and the business system that flow runs are not built, of individual flow optimize do not have direction, also cannot become the active action of the enterprise, be hard to begin effectively naturally continuously go down. Because a lot of enterprises do not have a flow management to regard promotion as work efficiency, promote the key management of company competition ability the method, because this is in,this respect is existing to be not worth badly.

How to overcome a lot of problem of flow management, build the competition ability of the enterprise in the compose on flow? Yintl (the eagle is vacated seek advice) it is OK to think from below a few respects begin.

Above all, we should build the constituent system of flow management. Build the flow of daily sex company with the flow overall and responsible management department that consolidates by the enterprise to manage 3 class to organize command system namely, build flow controller system and build the flow working party that crosses a branch.

Next, compose builds system of flow management business, this also is the most important part. Flow management system includes 4 fields: Solid bestow of mechanism of design of flow system program, flow, flow evaluates mechanism, flow to improve a mechanism. These 4 respects are come down in one continuous line, the PDCA that reflected management circulates.

1, flow system program

Flow system program should consider to be above all make enterprise can effectively standard, management supports business development, promote profit the space, the enterprise needs what flow. Next, to facilitate flow manages, when we are doing flow system to plan, still need to build statified the fluctuation between classificationed flow system, clear technological process swims reach interface relation, identify the crucial flow that is based on goal of level sex strategy to undertake key monitoring wait.
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