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The assessment drive full meritorious service that manpower resource runs slight
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Manpower resource manages the main task that is business management, the great mission that the enterprise exists has two, it is some kind of need of contented people, this is the social value that the enterprise exists; Another mission is the rise in value that realizes enterprise itself, this is the economic value that the enterprise exists. Company capital can appreciation, support labor comes true, accordingly to manpower resource reasonable use and management becomes a company whether the key that live and develops. Manpower resource management includes the following invite applications for a job, groom, the many respects such as assessment, drive. The key of article discussion is the assessment of typical company and incentive task.

The person's ability has on any account, have volume to the contribution of the enterprise, this is the fact that exists objectively, must respect such fact adequately, and try stimulate accordingly, ability rises to encourage advanced, lash junior oriented action, this is incentive main effect, and assess even if mix a when contribute bulk to discriminate a process to the person's ability, quality. Assessment and drive are the focal point that resource of company labor power runs, and the foundation that assessment is drive, both is inseparable.

Talk about drive above all, differentiate from the direction of action, drive can be divided punish two respects namely to drive to be being rewarded namely to drive and be lost. Domestic and international expert makes clear to human research for years, should be more than far to prompt action negative to drive, want inside the enterprise accordingly multi-purpose to drive, careful with lose to drive. Be opposite especially the white-collar employee today people, they ask more human nature turn management, have taller esteem and the demand that self-worth realizes a respect, because this should undertake be encouragemented actively more more, and careful wait for a method with criticism, warning.

Incentive means can be varied, the method that can use includes firewood to propose a toast fluctuant, bonus, level and post change, gift, praise, off etc, all cannot narrate. Beijing University freely manages the practical experience that advisory company studies to make clear: Different incentive kind is having distinct effect to different crowd, pass many research discovery, the employee of different job, age, sexual distinction, experience, individual character differs somewhat to incentive preference, affecting incentive result thereby. From inside these analysises we also reached the conclusion of a few regularity, say simply, in enterprise interior, high-level controller values the drive of mental level more, ordinal it is to assume the heavier responsibility, respect that gets older rate and accredit, off wait; And in low layer employee values corporeal drive more especially cash is incentive. Hold this one principle, medium of reasonable to us use drive is having certain help.
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