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Guangdong announces cadre of city hall level to examine way
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Our newspaper reports Guangdong provincial Party committee organized a ministry to announce leading group of party card of city hall level and leader cadre formally a few days ago to fulfil scientific progress to watch evaluation quota system and assessment to evaluate method integratedly (try out) . This method delimits according to area of main body function city of level of 21 ground of cent general Guangdong differentiates it is 4 kinds, install different quota system to execute classified assessment, increased quota of GDP of average per capita.

21 ground city executes classified assessment

Organize ministry introduction according to Guangdong provincial Party committee, chief procurator of procuratorate of dean of court of justice of the leading group of party card of city of ground level above that this assessment that examines way saves a canal to seeming and leader cadre, town, city, leading group of procuratorate of section of job of government of provincial Party committee, province and province court, province and leader cadre.

This method includes gain assessment, democratic evaluation and masses satisfaction to spend 3 respects to leading the cadre's assessment, gain assesses the measure that adopts mensurable assessment, democratic evaluation and masses satisfaction spend the measure that adopts qualitative assessment.

Among them, gain assessment is the requirement that watchs according to scientific progress to each district the case that presses economic society construction undertakes assessing, guangdong city of above of 21 ground level differentiates to expand a division for city, optimize development division, key to develop area and zoology to expand a division 4 area type, execute classified assessment.

City develops an area to include Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the key evaluates his to drive action to saving economic radiate completely; Optimize development to include Zhuhai, Fosan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, the key evaluates his to optimize the state of economic structure and change development means; The key develops an area to include 12 city such as city of Shan head, benefit, basically execute industrialization and town to change first performance opinion; Zoology development division includes beautiful to close, river source, Meizhou, execute zoology to protect first performance assessment.

Economic norms is occupied only 3 into weight

Classify assessment to come true, this method set collective index and category target. Collective index is the index that all uses in all areas, category index is to show the index when evaluating different area also is distinguished somewhat. With before assessment index photograph is compared, the compare index that added GDP of average per capita to grow speed and GDP development rate, increased social career and public service expenses to take finance the society such as index of safety of the proportion of average budget defray, society develops index, the people such as per capita of unemployment rate, urban and rural dweller is born vivid target, and the forest enclothes area of greenbelt of park of average per capita of rate, city to wait for zoology environment index, economy grows index to hold the weight that 30 % control only.
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