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The performance of football field manages
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On July 17, 2008, the history perhaps can remember this one day forever. In the course successive after disorder of a few days, chinese country abstruse team advocate dimension of Shuai Duyi division is strange (Du Yi of the following abbreviation) formal " finish class " , right now distance Beijing Olympic Games still has 22 days. Consider we are Amphitryon, at the moment to sufficient assist for be need courage, to Du Yi anguish is for Keweiji, saying natively to Yantie is lucky. Its Central Plains by open the media such as each big website, TV, radio to be able to let you by in outside arriving, reach li of understanding lucid by the watch, if you have just in time,the skill of discard the dross and select the essential of eliminate the false and retain the true congratulations then your recognize mode of Chinese football thinking and real environment.

Today, match of Beijing Olympic Games is formal start shooting, du Yi " finish class " the controversy tends quiet. Regard manpower resource as controller, I like to waiting for an incident to tend quiet when, this kind of sensitive news event is awaited in light of the blinkers that leading major. The maximum sentence that hears since study is " a hearts, two preparation " , without giving thought to country current Olympic Games behaves abstruse team how, I believe to finally the comment about the football is mixed think over the metropolis is more intense, if achievement has historic breakthrough, believe to be met to moment put on a false show of peace and prosperity, sufficient assist brilliant; If expression is goodish, estimation emerges with respect to meeting undercurrent to moment move. Since,do not pass sufficient assist dare making this decision, can have sufficient assist consideration, and there is a lot of to measure standard and reason for certain in this process, look in light of the performance government that we run from manpower resource sufficient assist how manage and Du Yi is being assessed in this one incident.

Fine fine number comes, du Yi " finish class " the reason has: "Door of stand in silent tribute " , " be late the door " , " short message door " , in the bookshops circulates " affection history " , national sufficient world cup suffers a defeat, the player inside the team is contradictory. Among them the culprit is arms defeat a world cup, team member gives when will training on July 16 " who goes who stays " the speech will contradict more direct become acute arrives the degree that cannot mediate, not worth to be carried at all as to the thing of other trifles. So these former by what kind of concern having after all with performance management? What kind of edificatory to have to performance management?

One, into king the performance idea that defeats bandit should be applied cautiously

Of all ages, domestic abroad, into king defeat bandit, have no exception. Become namely originally on the football ground especially king the demonstrative base that defeats bandit, it may not be a bad idea of coach of big shop sign, shrimp army young general, escape hard the assessment of achievement, one this also is coach industry goes regular. Du Yi guides what male sufficient doorway is in the home loses a world cup to take part in the match qualification, this offended already badly the high tension line that football coach assesses, athletics sports achievement is oriented assessment standard enough to make Du Yi division into 18 hell. Such looking, du Yi finishs class be like the thing that is of course, the author also does not want to prove for Du Yi and reverse a verdict, du Yi is an outstanding coach, sufficient assist the decision is lifted brilliantly, on Olympic Games competition ground interview outcome very quickly.
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