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The incentive system that is aimed at an individual is built in ERP project
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ERP carries out adviser to be in the process that pushs a project, should notice the between each member mutual drive in project group. If incentive system is installed undeserved, project panel member won't create the possibility not only contribution, produce internal battle very likely still, generation a few than necessary inside bad news. For this, executive adviser must be built effective be aimed at an individual only and not be the incentive system between the member. In other words, what be about to have is individual the competition between, the comparison between person and person, him translate into competes with his. If wrong drive a single-plank bridge to to go up all project panel members, let them capture a that when separate a bank only victory gains, so collaboration will be impossible to form, mutual and intense can be replaced by mutual and disappointing place.

In short, in the process that carries out in the project, ERP carries out advisory need to build regular incentive system, but, cannot letting employee feel is mutual the competition between, want to let them experience the promotion that is a kind of ego however. Of course, want to accomplish this, for the project controller that does not have group management to those, may have a bit difficulty. The author shares the group management skill of a few this respects below, can bring certain help to everybody probably.

   Principle one: Do not creat in group interior hero.

Common saying says, v&n bastinado comes forward bird. If you creat a certain personnel in the group into the hero, that is a kind very not sensible behavior. Your may initiative purpose, want to establish a model in the group, allow authority can follow the lead of he. But, in real work, often be to be just the opposite to what one wished. Everybody sees this example, meet sometimes won't learn him not only, meet however jealous, can envy, can have more rough. They can feel since the company thinks the achievement of this ERP project is this hero those who obtain, so let his person had worked later, this project has nothing to do with us after, anyway the stand or fall of the project did not concern with us. Apparent, this follows project controller at first the purpose is widely divergent.

In the world, have a famous football coach, he has said a word that has philosophic theory very much, I am memory still deep. He says, our football team does not have a hero, each is a hero. Really, the victory is won on the football ground, not be forward one the individual's contribution, however full back, center, entrance guard contribution. If on the football ground exceeding underlines the word of the contribution of goal person, criterion hard to avoid can form barrier in the group. All aureola are shooting the word on ball person, after who that still becomes this backstage hero?

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