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What go out easily is wrong in performance assessment
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As social development, with the aggravate that the market competes, more and more China enterprises realise modern power natural resources manages the value to business management gradually. What performance management regards manpower as resource management is important one annulus, its importance is self-evident. But, according to the writer's old observation, chinese enterprise is in the process that executes performance management, put generally in a few problems under the move.

1, did not take working analysis seriously. In our country enterprise, working analysis has not gotten general attention, post duty is ambiguous. Such, was to lose judgement violet name of the Dazhou of job of a station that finish is decorated according to, thereby post target decides hard, bring about undertake science examines; hard 2 it is each post busy spare time not all, existing difference of the size of workload, difficult easy rate is bigger between the different post of same job class. Result, below the condition that in other expression job of about the same, job also completes, often the employee on the post with high difficulty of big, job does not have workload to be judged to be outstanding. Working analysis should be manpower originally mix first and foremost in resource government activity main link, but a lot of enterprises of our country are far had not accomplished such, analysing a circumstance to fall without specific work, performance assesses a standard to be designed scientificly very hard, assessment cannot have due effect as a result.

2, the standard design that performance checks is unscientific. The design of performance assessment standard of most enterprise is unscientific. Expression is a standard sex of not strong, operation differs the dependency of defective, standard and job or subjective sex is too too strong, onefold did not quantify with the standard wait for a form.

The first, the design of the standard in the process that a few enterprises examine in performance is unreasonable do not have a standard even, without performance assessment standard cannot get objective assessment result, and can reach only a kind of subjective impression or feeling.

The 2nd, will be opposite with irrelvant standard the person that be assessed undertakes test, bring about judgement of not not comprehensive, objective, inequitable extremely easily. Standard of working performance assessment ought to build the base that having an analysis to the job over, only such ability ensure performance evaluates a standard is with real work closely related.

The 3rd, difference of maneuverability of standard of working performance assessment or subjective sex are too strong. There is comment of sex of a few characters only in duty standard, the staff guage that neither one can give a mark objectively. Thereby valuator can give a mark to perhaps assess a result at will, the emotional ingredient that avoids to permeate a few people hard sometimes is inside. The assessment of such standard earning lost a sense as a result.
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