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Normal school curve assesses working applicability to discuss in company perform
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The discussion that normal school curve assesses the applicability in the job in company performance -- Sailapei lecture tax on-the-spot report

Normal school curve is an enterprise a kind of method in basis of the place when evaluating performance to assess a result. Law of this one party comes from western management to learn, its basic method is basis thing development " both ends is small, among big " normal school rule, in arranging every employee performance this fixed distributinging curve according to size, in order to decide award actor punishs bad. Of alleged Welch " vigor curve " . All the time since, chinese enterprise uses normal school curve to put in the correspondence in performance assessment have difference. Home ever publicized promotion to make afterwards group energetically " 3 systems " reform executes end fall into disuse making is to apply the concentration of law of this one party to represent. As the elapse of time, especially " labor contract law " the new change that after carrying out, brings with labour lawfully to the enterprise, this kind of end that is based on theory of normal school curve fall into disuse made its applicability some of what problem encounter?

Before before long, contest pulls an organizing committee to manage large award in natural resources of the 3rd Chinese power the style of view and emulate that power plant of A of sanded horn of Dongguan of group of cable of another name for Guangdong Province of Guangdong of 10 beautiful enterprise organizes Sailapei on lecture class, come from construction of Chinese shift, Chongqing, Shanghai aviation of Bao Gang, Shenzhen, medium the chief of enterprise HR branch such as Hua Na company and power plant of Sha Jiao A joins letter group their work is real, expressed respective viewpoint and view to this one problem. Everybody the point of view is endless and same, some views are contrary even, but have stated reason, this report gives Chinese company in deepening reform process currently, we are engaged in manpower resource managing academic researcher and actual worker to still facing various challenges. When the HR concept that faces western popularity and method undertake drawing lessons from, must be practical and realistic, study Chinese national condition, those who analyse this this enterprise, unit is actual, cannot copy copy word for word simply, fumble in practice piece suit China it is national condition, good to solve real problem train of thought, tweak.

Basis of expert of organizing committee job grooms class kinescope data is arranged and pick the speech that chose partial comrade, offer reference only.

One, horsepower (ministry of resource of labor power of company of Chinese mobile group is in assistant manager) integratedly: The theory of normal school curve is correct, but the national condition that China must combine when course of study of the state-owend enterprise in citing, want to try to transform to its, ability effects.
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