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The measure of test CEO
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Accrual may give a person misdirect, share price fluctuation is too big. So, what is the optimal method that measures performance of tall canal personnel?

With what will prove a presiding apparitor is successful? Be to resemble Yamaxun (Amazon) Jeff? Bei Zunsi (Jeff Bezos) have what grow with future to wish in that way in those days the ability of scene agitate subordinate, still resemble Jackie? Welch (Jack Welch) dare to chop outstanding achievement flintily in that way not the branch of beautiful and personnel?

What should rely on to write finance affairs to go up probably is astute, what ability finds is the method that the true canal that measures performance uses. In those days Aerfulaide? Si Long (Alfred P. Sloan) in general motors company (GM) , Guo Saida (Roberto Goizueta) in Coke Cola company (Coca-Cola) when holding a post, can accomplish. Probably, should rely on to know to be in when standard of oversight finance affairs, ability judges the ability of true extraordinary of a company. Steve? Qiao Busi (Steve Jobs) return malic company again (Apple) , by is this kind of eye.

Be to you can prevent to build one person alone the great business empire, regulations system that centralizes energy to do good core business? Resemble 20 centuries 70 time Kathleen? Geleiemu (Katharine Graham) be in Washington Post company (Washington Post Co. ) in that way. Still march the eye of the new business that has greater progress latent capacity? Same, like Kathleen? Geleiemu in that way, right-hand seat was bought to achieve an exam to groom 1984 the Ka Pulan company of business (Kaplan) . Either, all is not. Measuring a level truly is, do not have with any other controller, those who guide an enterprise to develop ahead, unique leadership. Consider Le Baimei company (Rubbermaid) Stanley? Galt (Stanley Gault) , that company issues advance rapidly in his leader, after waiting for him to retire however suffering a crushing defeat. Say some more well and truly: The ability that perhaps is the person that choose more powerful than you succeed sb in a post. Is Welch in the heart of accept of predecessor thunder gold of General Electric Company? Jones (Reginald Jones) it is an example.

You knew now: Measure a company to be in charge of the outstanding achievement of personnel high, do not have fixed pattern. Nevertheless, you still can think, does total meeting have a kind to the reliable method with presiding whether competent apparitor measure? OK and affirmative ground says, method has a plenty of: Economic posture, our rice bowl, presiding apparitor people your person suddenly glossal pay, etc, can show an issue. So, it how can we just know some presiding apparitor is good how can we just know some presiding apparitor where be?

Answer this question to facilitate, might as well for the moment turns the look to baseball, because be in the ball park, the expression of people is measured with the the the most reliable, most sufficient, most meticulous content. The computation administrative levels of this motion just is mixed quite by a few in recent years layman is whole and conversed come over ─ ─ is specific, be one is called Bill? Zhanmusi (Bill James) carbonado night watchman of predecessor of fabaceous can company is done, next by Yi Si of Michael Er Liu (Michael Lewis) the best seller 2003 " Qian Yuqiu " (Moneyball) caused not absorption the popular attention at baseball. Subsequently, scholars also participated in come in: Be in " economic perspective magazine " (Journal Of Economic Perspectives) in an article that publishs this summer, two scholars conclude say, good team all the time since the action that always underestimates the member that the activity measures very big drive. Additionally 3 economist criterion compose examine baseball afresh originally the composing of billiard-marker method.
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