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Bai Ming pauses: The canal of overtime accuses law
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A day morning, the manager of company of A of some civilian battalion enterprise just walked into the office, manager of department of resource of this company labor power takes a report hurriedly: Social labor ensures bureau bearer, ask the overwork that knows a company and overtime pay a circumstance, ask tone sees relevant salary extend credential, returned specially to mention the overwork condition of the × of × of × of manufacturing department manager that just is dismissed by the company. The report is over, the insecurity of one face mixes manager of manpower resource department but, have the power that awaits manager deal with an offender greatly.

Original, the job that department manager produces before this company manager is right feels very dissatisfactory, a few let manpower resource ministry fire him a few days ago, after manager of this production department leaves the work that one paper shape accused bureau of safeguard of local society labor is arbitral committee, appeal to the pay going to work with say this company granted to him only regular, did not pay any reward to his overwork, ask labor department promotes justice, supervise and urge the concerned regulation of labor law of this company basis reissues its work in this company all overtime during. Labor department understands through investigation and consult concerned credential, maintain what department manager produces before this company to accuse hope for success stands, ultimate success supervises and urge this company fills overtime more than yuan 20 thousand manager of department of the production before sending those who gave this the company. After the thing passes, be furious of A company manager, attempt and accomplish nothing of manager of department of blame manpower resource, kill company everywhere passive, the interest is damaged. Actually, this also cannot blame manager of department of this manpower resource, it is him fruit that him manager plants eats completely.  

The company is growing initial stage, manager lead one's men in an act, do not be afraid that suffering is not afraid of tired, then the class follows the employee that the manager lays the world is distant relatives near neighbour, friend add brother, although literacy rate is not high, but can hard-working, willingly bear the burden of hard works, without giving thought to day and night, of action come namely, come can battle, be being divided far from is still work overtime when the class. Did not work overtime at all at that time so and the concept of overtime, manager sometimes glad to ask everybody to dine together together of what, the company also is be in harmony of its Le Rong up and down. After company development expands, join in all sorts of employee of the company are increasing, all sorts of government ideas and employee demand also are handed in collect together, the manager also begins to accept a few new ideas, self-identity also begins to work overtime on the thought should pay overtime, ask manpower resource ministry takes out to work overtime reach overtime to pay management way. The regulation of manpower resource ministry according to labor law, drafted a more normative overwork and overtime to pay management way, the manager also approves the major content of this method, but administrator of the high level in agreeing pays overtime, agree with personnel of low level management and employee of a gleam of to pay overtime only. And the way that ministry of resource of manpower of incite sb to do sth recalls to answer overtime of administrator of the high level in paying, according to the view of this manager, be " both neither breaks the law, need not pay overtime again " . Manpower resource ministry cudgel one's brains, thought up finally " practise deception " one action: In in on one is added in the labor contract of high-level administrator " pay pay has included overtime " . Actually this is a clause that deceive oneself as well as others, without real significance, complete before law have not a leg to stand on.
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