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Performance assessment: Set out from small effect
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Newest round performance assessment failed again -- , this is a lot of company controller what often give out is helpless plaint. Face the kill that this makes the person is depressed, manager of chief of branch of the manager of the company, HR, each middle-level not only extremely tired also bellyful is interrogative, be him fault, be still performance assessment does this government tool press a root exaggerated? The company takes greetings and gifts to the troops up and down move carry out performance numerously to assess, the conduct propaganda of dynamic, organization that chases a layer to pursue course, fulfil, every link seems to was not loosened, undertake in what follow the prescribed order, why be still so ugly as a result?

A lot of performance assess impeller to think sit in the office to immerse oneself in study, research, draw lessons from, build a warehouse of an assessment index, discriminate the possibility that gives index to quantify, make next give to look be like documentation of considerate and intact, meticulous assessment system, form to come, the issuance of complacent goes out, sit next await collection form to think everything is just fine.

This checks performance simplification. Performance assessment is not a design absolutely good target, form, allot an announcement, wait to accept the simple job that coils to be able to come to an end.

At present performance assessment failure often behaves for the following 3 kinds of circumstances:

Be assessment plan design is very perfect, and cater to business management actual, but carry out rise difficult and heavy, cannot get the self-identity of relevant function branch and employee and support.

2 it is performance assessment plan in formally everybody supports, but assess the effect actually not beautiful, assessment achievement cannot accurate report is assessed person performance, company performance did not get be amelioratived effectively.

3 it is performance assessment plan gewgaw, lose contact with reality, impracticability, a lot of enterprises are assessment and assess, carry out performance assessment blindly below the circumstance of ambiguous assessment purpose, cause plan to break away from an enterprise actual, cannot ensure carry out.

Be engaged in performance assessing working result with the author, want to make performance assessment produces the result really, prevent the situation of be an armchair strategist, work fruitlessly, need solves the following crucial problems:

One, the vacancy problem that solves performance assessment to go up in constituent idea, undertake sufficient and meticulous organization arouses.

A lot of enterprises think performance management and performance assessment are pure is the thing of HR branch, place all hope that examines success or failure go up in HR branch body, branch letting HR assumes the job that assessment plan makes not only, still evaluate assessment, communication is communicated wait for all link to control the past completely, other department is in the condition that be an onlooker actually, this causes HR branch to isolate without aid, HR manager nature becomes the responsibility person that examines failure, this is the serious error on an idea, regrettablly error of this kind of idea exists in a lot of companies nowadays. Actually, performance assesses be a of entire company arduous, system to change project, pull one hair and use the whole body, branch of a function can be assumed independently and finish by no means. Whether can performance assessment score a success actually, chief critical factor is company manager, company manager is in charge of company management in the round, fixed position of performance assessment part is the proponent is mixed the person that drive, company manager should make clear support on the manner, what run a system to performance want to begin big thrust to move on the action, stimulative performance assessment develops to development ceaselessly; Regard HR as the branch, its part fixed position should be advisory division, it is the expert of performance management, the construction that examines a system for company performance offers plan support, professional tool, real problem to seek advice; Linear manager just is the backbone that performance assessment carries out, it is performance takes an examination of nuclear energy to deny the key that fulfil one annulus, because again good program also must pass their strong executive ability to produce the result, so their part fixed position should be executant, fall down to want to unite this understanding above all on the company, if the thought of this level unites short of, the ending that assessment fails is in performance to had been destined at this moment; Employee is the terminal that performance assesses, industry gives the fixed position of employee the host that is performance, they are the owner of performance, have and produce performance.
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