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360 degrees of assessment trouble
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Some company adopts 360 degrees means to undertake assessing to the management department employee of its cadre, among them before financial department manager leans to let the employee of own branch get order and degree of high component, performance, he calls together financial department before assessment all employee attend a meeting, the employee grading that asks all employee give him the department is tall, the employee grading that consolidates other department is low, the result is ministry of this year finance affairs it is outstanding that 5 employee have 3, 2 are good, same, the employee of financial department also redound this manager outstanding. The result cans be imagined: Other department employee, especially the employee feeling with a few outstanding outstanding achievement is very inequitable.

Why can you appear such problem? Letting us what know first is 360 degrees are evaluated.

360 degrees of assessment merits and inadequacy

Alleged 360 degrees are evaluated, it is to show the organization is the outstanding achievement that knows some each put oneself in another's position and expression, from all principal part that have working concern with him (include ranking, inferior, colleague, client and oneself) over there obtain information, have the process of the evaluation to him.

See from inside the description of above 360 degrees evaluate has advantage not hard. Above all, 360 degrees evaluate the move that emphasizes an organization caring people to pay more and not pure it is achieved result; Next, 360 degrees information is gathered from many sided, more comprehensive, the quality of information is better; Finally, because evaluate,come from at much person, reduce the possibility of bias, make an assessment more accurate from theoretic meeting, accordingly, integrated everybody the assessment result of the opinion, it is easily be accepted by valuator.

Same, 360 degrees are evaluated have its weak point, main show is in the following respects: The first, depend on 360 degrees overly to evaluate, can weaken the meaning of performance target, people is met more be used to " not be what you did, however the means that you work " view. People can be paid attention to more go making very human impact, is not to do well oneself outstanding achievement, the 2nd, make the excuse that makes controller easily do not wish to supervise staff so. Undertake assessing with 360 degrees means, encounter when employee is dissatisfactory to assessing a result, controller says to get a maximum sentence: This is everybody's opinion, do not look for me, look for me trashy also. Do not have a person to be in charge of to employee truly, who is because the performance management on real significance emphasizes, assessment is in charge of by who. In the meantime, the performance result of controller also decides the evaluation at employee partly, accordingly, controller also is afraid of offend employee, be afraid that subordinate makes low component to oneself, the performance that affects oneself thereby and rising. The 3rd, sort result not can objective, the likelihood is put in the possibility that operates artificially. Finally, integrated the complexity that the information of each respect added a system, the operation rises more complex, need just can make through grooming the system works effectively.
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