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How to assess state-owend enterprise board of directors scientificly
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The problem that current and urgent need solves is the assessment opinion that how has scientific and reasonable, objective justice to state-owned company board of directors and its member

Zhang Bo conspicuous / civil

In recent years, although Shanghai leads the assessment of personnel to evaluated a problem to fluctuate in state-owned company many time, but because the system of assessment is designed,wider extensive is mixed general, lack the assessment with specific and reasonable, clear science of one a complete set of to evaluate quota system especially, assessment result is worse true the working outstanding achievement that reflects assessment object objectively, the responsibility of the member that firewood proposes a toast drive cannot mirror industry leader completely, risk and outstanding achievement.

The author analyses the key the blemish of existence and the train of thought that put forward to solve and the way to deal with a situation.

Assessment evaluates be apt to of systematic far unfinished

The author thinks, with respect to current reality, specific and character is existing the following problem:

-- the environment of exterior form a complete set that assesses an evaluation is not quite perfect. Reflect in: Structure of processing of state-owned legal entity is not perfect, make effectively judge processing mechanism had be notted form truly, the company is different the duty of post, right, obligation and entrust acting accredit relation to wait to did not limit clarity; System of management of personnel of state-owned company leader had be notted straighten reach the designated position, about management attributive, identity is limitted, a series of problems such as safeguard of pay of emeritus, welfare, medical treatment lack term unified system sex sets, the mechanism of be well versed in of 3 teams and communication platform return staff of leader of Party and goverment officials, institution, state-owned company to was not built truly; Management of state-owned company strategy, budget management and bond management 3 person linkage is not quite close together still, the business is main the exposure of information, be on the move, share a mechanism to be perfected further urgently.

-- assessment evaluation system is not perfect. Expression is: It is assessment evaluation object is more general, did not reflect the demand that classifies decentralized management. Have industry leading group assessing as a whole normally, do not add to team of staff of Party committee team and team of board of directors, supervision board team, director divisional, how be aimed at thing of president, inspect especially the different obligation that place of work of long, trustee, inspect fulfils, use different assessment method to make a new difficult point with the outstanding achievement stand or fall of divisional individual, avoid different property right hard between the delegate, between property right delegate and staff of other company leader " caustic of all of flourish of one flourish all, one caustic " phenomenon, what also reflect key of state-owned and contributive person to be evaluated on behalf of assessment to state-owned property right hard is oriented what examine content with intent; is oriented unsharpness, assessment content and enterprise are long-term of strategic goal match degree not tall still, spend with the correlation of company core strategy incompact, the setting of index of outstanding achievement assessment is not quite reasonable. And, too index of tigidity of ration of sex of finance affairs of lay particular stress on, lack appreciation of pair of national endowment strategies, brand, scientific research innovation, can develop the qualitative index design that waits to be quantified harder continuously, avoid enterprise oneself hard " short-term action " happen; Comprehensive assessment evaluates a system to build opposite lag. Emphasizing building while outstanding achievement is assessed, be reduced on certain level or ignored the demand to respect of quality of leadership staff capacity, in comprehensive assessment evaluation respect exists to study not deep, job coachs system of not do one's best, quota designs link of program of unreasonable, assessment theoretically a lot of problem such as quality of light capacity of not close, heavy outstanding achievement.
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