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Be in charge of the fulcrum of performance of company of firewood fulfil prize h
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Most the business that gets praise highly is how incentive their tall canal make high performance.

Cost too much talking around to prove tall canal the value to an enterprise, it is a thing that does not please painfully really.

Their value not character is axiomatic.

Guo Shina of IBM predecessor CEO is in " who says elephant cannot dance " piece, not hesitate writing depicts to us give this to cross national gigantic elephant only " search hunt " vivid picture: In the critical juncture that IBM outstanding achievement glides continuously, the company establishs technically " search hunt " committee, made clear " search hunt " ultimate goal: "The most important is, this person must be a classics practice proof is capable leader -- , a universal genius and can control changing person. " later began impetus huge " the sea is chosen " , include Jackie Welch and Bill Gates even. When IBM cost uses up setbacks to find, when persuading Guo Shina, know without the person this is a what kind of decision, what reporters ask at most is: "Guo Shina has two brushes really, but... he is after all sell cookie... "

After a few years, jump a lair lightly below Guo Shina's drawing when this only gigantic elephant when, people just knows to be like cost to use up setbacks when at first view " search hunt " it is the investment with brushstroke how breathtaking redound!

Since all enterprises not hesitate,ground of heavy gold, do one's best seeks their leading person, so those enterprises like IBM are how incentive their tall canal, let them create those who give so enormous value for the enterprise?

See 2007 year to defeat " fortune " magazine " the whole world most get praise highly business " successful gene, understand them to propose a toast in firewood practice respect and congener enterprise have why to differ, hay group is right last year " the whole world most get praise highly business " the firewood fulfil information that discloses publicly undertook an analysis, our conclusion is: Their difference is not on firewood fulfil level, however firewood proposes a toast the design is in how old strategy of degree admiral company and real business join rose.

   High salary of big company = ?

Old since, everybody of course ground thinks: Lead company (also include of course " most the business that gets praise highly " ) firewood fulfil level also is banner necessarily. That is to say, they succeed, because they paid taller than the competitor firewood fulfil to attract and retain crucial person with ability,be. In fact, if will " most get praise highly business " the fulfil of tall canal firewood in be in charge of firewood high to propose a toast travel together with them is compared, this conclusion holds water it seems that. Wait a moment! Not by presentative becloud! Actually, as a result of,this is most the scale that accepts the enterprise of praise highly to compare other person of the same trade normally is larger, also reason pays higher salary reward to their tall canal.
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