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Salesperson performance manages
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A few years ago, I join a Japanese company that is bought by Chinese state-owend enterprise to hold the position of general manager. Company headquarters is set in Japan, but top administrator goes from the parent company clique of Chinese state-operated, the personnel of Chinese branch basically also is moved from employee of Chinese parent company come. So, of the company run and culture, especially of Chinese branch run and culture, with normally the state-operated unit as good as on the meaning.

Original, bring the salary of the sell member that come over into play from the parent company, basically comprise by the salary in former unit and a fixed allowance. Their qualifications and record of service in former unit, include salary, experience, position to wait somewhat difference, age general is ubiquitous 45 years old of above.

Additional, still have a few from socially the sell member of invite applications for a job, the age is in about 25-30 year old, the sell member that salary comes to generally under tone, also did not secure allowance. Selling area is the member that the basis is sold is familiar with differentiated. Although the company has the sale index of the member that sell in the light of every, but the performance pay that did not quantify accordingly however. Annual will mix July second year each distributed bonus January, the expression of the member that bonus amount leads a basis to sell by the company is decided. Extend commonly the result of bonus is, the old stuff stake that tone comes to is more, and the young employee stake of new invite applications for a job is less.

Clearly, pattern of above performance management is relatively simple and straightforward. Inside sale ministry, almost all the member that sell often complains the company is inequitable to oneself:

1. Other company look is compared inside bonus and industry too little. Actual condition is, the income that the member that sell often is the as better as other company outstanding achievement member that sell undertakes comparative, because these information are transmitted easily in the market. In the meantime, the company is done not have bonus and sale success direct link up with, bonus extends individual difference slants little inclination, the member that bring about bonus of performance of the lack inside the company to stress tall sale thereby serves as surveyor's pole, created the illusion with low level of our company bonus. This kind complains more general in the member that sell, it is fair about consulting the object chooses in theory in " other - exterior " type.

2. Earning bonus is paid with his little. Because do not have clear performance to examine a system, performance bonus cannot be quantified, also did not have decide the standard of fine bad people. Apt of the member that sell thinks oneself pay the compensation that offers at company place relatively to want much, this is inequitable. This kind of circumstance also happens in the member that get the sale with more bonus even, it is to consult in object choice " ego - in-house " type.
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