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" labor contract law " drive up the doorsill that the service sends a company, a
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The service is sent, say simply, send an orgnaization namely " employ a person only, do not servantchoose a person for a job " , and unit of choose and employ persons " servantchoose a person for a job only, do not employ a person " . This kind results from on century the employ means of 70 time, after American enterprise takes the lead in using, very fast by follow the lead of of each country enterprise.

As we have learned, at present our country has the enterprise of 90% above to send the kind that use worker worker in use service, the service sent personnel to reach 25 million person, grow among them trigonometry and bead trigonometry area is most active. The enterprise also obtains the vigor of a hope, benefit and cost to reduce accordingly. Of Fujian in aluminous luck Fujian has 802 stuff, belonged to what the service sends to reach 301 people among them. Zheng Yousong of director of resource of this company labor power thinks: "The social responsibility of state-owned company tells us, cannot push only simply to the employee that cut down socially. Cannot push only simply to the employee that cut down socially..

The development of the industry is ecbolic also a batch of has actual strength slightly companies in this industry, take outside foreign enterprise of for example Beijing, Shanghai, center of countrywide talent communication and easy ability group.

But, the service is sent be not Sukhavati, a few baleful incident often have happen, zheng of university of Chinese politics and law Professor Shang Yuan points out: "Come 3 nearly two years, a few send an orgnaization already antenna outspread to normal worker, produce will formal labor to fire the phenomenon that sends afresh again even. " and discovery of a few laborer, oneself are immersed in extremely easily " relative did not work, labor has nothing to do with " predicament. The opposition of labour union sound considers as " double be defeated double win " , the service sends unit and unit of choose and employ persons to be in win, and laborer and country are defeated. A month can take the formal employee of for example gas station thousands of yuan, and the service sends employee to be able to take 779 yuan only. And in certain area, the service is sent is even be controlled by gangdom.

Hopeful of this kind of situation is in " labor contract law " after carrying out, get ameliorative. The 5th chapter in new law the 2nd in, have full 11 clauses are sent by service of standard of in order to. Send the unit is asked to secure deadline contract with what the laborer that be sent signs two years of above; No matter provenance, equal pay for equal work; The service sends the provisionality be been in by demarcate, auxiliary sex, work station that replaces a gender.

In fact, the bag outside the ways of the world that outside including a service, includes inside is the business with a bigger risk, have a bit can not create issue very, affect the stability of the enterprise. Intelligence of Han of director of center of general affairs of law of newspaper office of Chinese labor safeguard thinks economic actual strength is a of test intermediary orgnaization important composition, his citing, when the service is sent, because a lot of moment fail to reflect condition of personnel increase and decrease in time with industry business, perhaps make a money not seasonable, if right now the service sends company play truant, allow to develop by a got-up affair, direct perhaps home remedy solves except to include an agreement, can make the enterprise faces very big risk. Be based on both sides sincere letter principle, the service sends profit of laborer of cost assurance of company pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, since test its include ability, also be test its economy actual strength.
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