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Pattern of trade of innovation of accipitral pool telecommunication carries out
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Pattern of trade of innovation of branch of pool of eagle of Chinese telegraphic Jiangxi, established Jiangxi province to believe communication of pool of eagle of limited company of outstanding manpower resources to serve a company recently, maintain the telegraphic service of center of 10000 customer service and service counter, installation wait for the job, implement the package outside business, make the enterprise manages mode to get used to vicissitude of the market better.

To drive business of the bag outside communication, accipitral pool telecommunication uses worker worker in the light of 150 existing services basically is to believe outstanding company to send, and basically distributing the actual condition in date and 10000 service counter, will relevant post and business are whole outside bag, undertook adjustment to concerning constituent framework. This company does business center of 10000 customer service, window the service of two branches and installation defend professional work, along with all the others outside the bag gives Xin Jieying branch of pool communication service, of the service superintend that business includes outside establishing responsible managing via battalion headquarters in the market at the same time and assessment only hillock. In addition, this company returns pair of personnel differentiate undertook formulary, belong to a service to send those who make stuff, follow the principle that the thing goes according to the job and business attribute and person, company management is included outside put under along with all the others; Belong to a contract to make stuff, the personnel of the company is included outside be being accredited as telegraphic company, undertake to crucial post management and business coach, retain telegraphic employee identity, of short duration is stopped 2 to 3 years of contracts, post salary, welfare extends by telegraphic company, performance pay by outside package company grants by outstanding achievement assessment, employee is accredited to be able to choose the job independently after the agreement expires. As we have learned, new the branch of service of communication of Xin Jieying pool that hold water and accipitral pool telecommunication will sign business cooperation agreement stage by stage, talk things over jointly, build perfect origanization construction and regulations system, and will outside bag business fulfils branch of each county town.

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