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International of look forward to merges into in sincere tell a group
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National endowment appoint superintendency enterprise is adjusted it is 149

National endowment appoint yesterday message, approve via newspaper the State Council, company of cooperation of China International company merges into China sincere accuse a group limited company to become its wholy-owned child enterprise. National endowment appoint the enterprise that fulfils contributive person obligation is adjusted by 150 it is 149.

Company of cooperation of China International company held water 1991, it is to be engaged in advertisement of communication of international economy technology, foreign trade, exhibition and manpower resource seeking advice from substance of as omnibus as what serve business economy. China sincere controlling a group limited company was 1992 by goods and materials of directly under of ministry of primary goods and materials current business is incorporated establish, have company of more than 100 members in the whole nation at present, in having store development Inc. (600787) , Fosan Hua Xin packs Inc. (200986) , China sincere tell development limited company (Hong Kong advocate board, 00217) 3 appear on the market company, total assets 20 billion yuan.

Before this one country endowment appoint of superintendency enterprise amalgamative on June 10 happening, chinese iron connects group limited company to merge into company of Chinese mobile group becomes his wholy-owned subsidiary. 2007, 15 central enterprises were participated in 8 times recombine.

National endowment appoint the countrywide state-owned asset that director Li Rong holds at the beginning of Ceng Zainian of be in harmony puts forward on conference of supervisory management job, china recombines those who continue to increase state-owned company this year adjust strength, advance an enterprise to recombine to have with state-owned capital into have retreat, reasonable flow.

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