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Service of workingwoman refus label sends a contract to be begged by discharge 4
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"After labor contract law is carried out, I am asked to send a company to sign a contract with the service forcibly, 10 years much length of service disappeared... " yesterday, come from Henan work female Ms. Shao hurries to dispute of Haidian area labor to arbitrate committee attends front courtyard careful. She tells a reporter, because oneself do not agree to send a company to sign a contract with the service, chinese burgeoning construction develops head office (the following abbreviation is burgeoning head office) its discharge. She and the other side hit lawsuit, the overtime that begs oneself work 10 years more than yuan 490 thousand.

Incident: 8 often be on duty besides the hour

Yesterday 14 when much, in Haidian area arbitral committee arbitrates front courtyard doorway, the reporter saw Ms. Shao that passes 4 a period of ten years in one's age. Her complexion is nigrescent, look very gaunt. Memory has the experience that he works, she tells a reporter, 1997, she enters burgeoning head office to rent a station to be in charge of article renting general affairs in, the company did not sign labor contract with her, also did not deal with all sorts of societies to be sure for her.

The lady that occupy Shao introduces, she in burgeoning head office every monthly wages has 450 yuan only at first, as go up salary, to 2007, she can get 960 yuan of pay every months.

Work 8 hours besides weekday outside, she often still is on duty by arrangement. "The company can send us to discharge a watch, be on duty by the watch. " Ms. Shao says, be on duty every time is 24 hours, include playday and legal holiday. The reporter is on duty from a when she offers watch (if pursue) on see, be on duty time is early that day 8 when to morrow early 8 when, be on duty personnel should do good log, undertake supervisory to job of nocturnal make one's rounds, entrance guard. Ms. Shao says, those who be on duty the following day if be workaday, return so that go to work normally.

such, she worked more than 10 years. This year on January 1, new promulgated labor contract law begins to carry out. Ms. Shao says, the company is to inform her first " 10 years above cannot be used " , forcing a service of she and Henan sends a company to sign a contract again later. "More than 10 years of my length of service were done not have so. " Ms. Shao is saying eye socket is red. Because she does not agree to send a company to sign a contract with the service of Henan, burgeoning head office opens her besides. She and burgeoning head office hit lawsuit, demand the other side is signed with its work regularly without solid contract, beg overtime of 10 years more than yuan 490 thousand.

Front courtyard careful: Be not admitted to accuse by appeal person

Yesterday 15 when, haidian area arbitrates committee open a court session hears this case. As by appeal person, the agent of burgeoning head office says in front courtyard careful, this company and Ms. Shao concern without labor contract, she sent a company to sign labor contract with a service of Henan 2006, later add lot comes at the beginning of 2008, she is Henan the employee that that service sends a company, be sent this company works, accordingly, this company cannot be signed with its without contract of fixed deadline labor.
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