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Our country is served outside Shanghai resource of the greatest labor power
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Manpower resource net on July 27 dispatch: 24 years, a company expands by 39 people 300 thousand person; Service trading business volume by accomplish 14 billion yuan of this year 1.2 million yuan annual at the outset, this enterprise is Shanghai of world rich group serves a company external. The economic miracle reflection of an enterprise gives reforming and opening to be the tremendous opportunity that talent market brings, resource manages red-blooded manpower to creating unprecedented value.

Contrail of Shanghai outward development and position of economy of our country market establish process photograph be identical really. Arrive from 1984 1992, their service trading business volume still has 220 million yuan only. Pudong development and market of our country talent open those who become dilate of assemble of Shanghai manpower resource " accelerator " . The company is taken to catch opportunity for combat quickly outside Shanghai, make great service size, growth of trading business volume of 16 years of services is 70 times closer recently, grew nearly 3 to this year 2005 among them times. Nowadays, resource of market labor power, business affairs seeks advice, go abroad study abroad, international trade 6 big advocate course of study is an organic whole, the company is taken to had become our country's biggest manpower resource outside Shanghai " aircraft carrier " .

Make market of adult power natural resources, take outside Shanghai enlarge market radius ceaselessly. In recent years, they wait for 12 talents in Dalian, Guangzhou, Beijing early or late concentrated city establishs branch and subsidiary, form the talent recruit that covers the throughout the country and service network. Now, there is 70 thousand in 300 thousand employee of company is being taken outside is the talent of countrywide each district more. The fire of star, present the potential of set the prairie ablaze. Now, the company that the company takes to send personnel outside Shanghai achieves 12000, the total output value that they create occupies Shanghai GDP about very one of.

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