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Wind sends market of the bag outside resource of manpower of be covetous on
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Beijing reports reporter Zhao Ming on September 2, shanghai CDP group shows external, collect of enlarge of next year general 30 million - 50 million dollar, and the plan goes to Hong Kong inside two years or the United States appears on the market; Yi Cai is in obtain extensive region intelligent investment (international of GGV) He Huawei (after 10 thousand yuan of dollars invest CID)1200, already started appear on the market program; Shenzhen humble Si Ke also has friendly intercourse with venture capital investment recently very close, at present already much home fund expresses to invest intent to its.

Guard estimation according to trade public figure, in the near future, chinese mainland includes the market outside manpower resource year increase rate will be in at least 20% above, was in 2008 China hopeful of market of the bag outside resource of labor power of foreign capital company breaks through 20 billion yuan.

The findings report of Yankee Group of American famous research organization shows, the whole world wraps year of compound increase rate of the market to exceed 12% outside manpower resource, to 2008, the scale that the market includes outside global manpower resource will reach 80 billion dollar.

Shenzhen humble includes an industry outside resource of Si Ke manpower senior expert Mi Huijin says to Chinese economy times, firm of traditional hunt head is deep-set already and coessential change competitive lair. Look advancement delivers view into wind, all be integrated industry resource, dedicated the burgeoning interest that the service includes outside offerring manpower resource conformity.

Mi Huijin thinks, prospective China will make the world one of markets of resource of the greatest labor power, make group of resources of multispan compatriots power now already or begin in China in succession business and establish a branch, the situation that the transnational corporation outside the condition and churchyard company component eat cake is inevitable.

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