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CDP group drafts collect endowment to even more 30 million dollar plans two year
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The bag outside natural resources of Chinese front-runner power serves a provider- - presiding apparitor of company of CDP group China (CEO) Wang Wei Zhou Yi expresses, company next year enlarge collect 3000-5000 10 thousand dollars are used at buying outspread business, and the plan goes to Hong Kong inside two years or the United States appears on the market, with collect 1-2 100 million dollars.

He points out when Shanghai headquarters accepts a road to show a special report, at present already a lot of fund are very interested in his. Predict, this company will achieve balance of profit and loss this year, next year gain will exceed 100 million yuan of RMBs.

Grow to the outstanding achievement of CDP, wang Wei has self-confidence very much, "Actually before two years, we also can balance of profit and loss, basically be for market share, we had touched 60 many cities of China begin professional work at present, next year we will gain, conservative say to also had wanted 100 million, the ability of after gain can soar, this also is the reason that fund values us. This also is the reason that fund values us..

Introduce according to its, from 2005 headquarters of CDP group China holds water in Shanghai, a few years short, company business is obtained erupt type grows, the number that place of platform of manpower endowment source control serves shows the growth of geometrical progression, hold China bigger market share, next year company will quicken dilate through be being bought, outstanding achievement also will appear to grow quickly.

CDP major servicing includes to offer business of resource of the bag outside manpower resource, manpower to share a service for the client, and the technology seeks advice from a service. This company was obtained 2006 about 1, of 0 dollar note endowment, investor is European InvestorAB respectively (Yin Ruida) wholy-owned subsidiary IGCA, Fidelity Asia Ventures (venture capital investment of rich Da Yazhou) with Japan live capital of Asia of friendly trade issue.

The findings report of Yankee Group of American famous research organization shows, the whole world wraps year of compound increase rate of the market to exceed 12% outside manpower resource, to 2008, the scale that the market includes outside global manpower resource will reach 80 billion dollar. Be in China, the bag outside manpower resource gets rapid development as burgeoning service industry, at present market of the bag outside manpower resource rises speed on average to already exceeded Chinese gross domestic product (GDP) add on average fast one times above, outside Shanghai appearing on the market, take, take outside Beijing, in Shanghai wisdom wait for year of income to cross the industry tycoon of a few.

Wang Wei thinks, now should be the fast hair exhibition period that the industry includes outside manpower resource, the new labor law that implements at rising this year is " activator " , because its concern a regulation to have very big stimulative effect to the bag outside manpower resource, include to ask enterprise and employee must sign labor contract, and outside the bag can raise service quality and managing cost for the enterprise.
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