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The purpose of company culture: Help enterprise achieves economic goal
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Appearance of a few enterprises is inspected powerful, often be in agency exposure, 3 years in famous degree climb successively litre, the honor that the society awards is resplendent, it is a society originally just value each " preeminent company " , be in however " minor incident " in one decadent is depressed, another is investigated, the problem is heavy, inside story of a plot one layer upon layer be opened, brilliant become suddenly yesterday chrysanthemum. Why to always regret late? It is one white block really 100 ugly, is sale more than everything? Is the crisis of the enterprise previous didn't we see? Those who freeze 3 feet are not a day is cold, I think, the failure of the enterprise depends on managing, administrative blemish depends on culture, our company culture is courteous like civilization same, in profit consummate form falls, it is not important that it is like, but in the crisis that is in an enterprise and benign development, it is behaved so that highlight particularly again, arrive from material spirit, is what light what heavy?

   Does our enterprise pour a bottom to have culture?

What is company culture? Providing the explanation on a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties is: Company culture, or call an organization culture (Corporate Culture or Organisational Culture) , it is an organization by its viewpoint of value, belief, ceremony, symbol, play the its are characteristic culture form of the composition such as means.

We often are discussing this issue, we are very much now the company is in the day that hold water (point to civilian battalion enterprise) case, build those who have oneself to manage concept and code of conduct, no matter be,set out from individual tendency of the boss, still consider from the management current situation of course of study of person of the same trade, even from Masiluo theory of demand of 5 large arrangement sets out. The character is narrated arrive from spirit core, hang on the wall, imprint on calling card, write in employee conduct rules, some still is sung constantly as company song, this shows, our enterprise is literate of consciousness.

Chinese civilian (illicit) newest investigation shows battalion economy seminar, up to on June 30, 2006, china shares a private enterprise 4.65 million, register capital gold to achieve 6.8 trillion yuan, among them the company capital gold of 60% is in 1 million yuan the following, how much does capital gold exceed 100 million yuan enterprise to be not had to composition of the culture in the enterprise of 1% ? The company culture that basically highlights has two kinds:

The first kind: Duckweed culture

These company culture as duckweed same, leaf verdure is very good-looking, but without the root, one have violent storm, duckweed can drift with the tide, wave a thousand li. This kind of culture is to express not little now small business commonly, existent pressure forces these enterprises to grab ceaselessly profit, built company culture great majority is to stay on catchword, culture is reflecting a business directly live the current situation, solve first live problem ability talks about spirit to go after, this is its brutal real look. Accordingly, the proportion of personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year is quite large, training employee basically is skill, the education that goes up to spirit compares negligence, do not ask employee is faithful to the enterprise, hope to be able to finish every lunar sale task to go by the dot on time only. The main body of culture is a person, personnel often flows, the skin will be not put, the skin will add Yan.
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