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Case analyses EHR proper motion to develop or select mature product
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Will open this year in May inferior amount to a company to begin EHR type selecting, appoint IT manager Su Peng responsible EHR project. Li Nan of inspector general of manpower resource department is urging IT branch everywhere inquiry, su Peng knew the company that becomes EHR. From foreign brand Oracle, SAP uses friendly, Jin Die to mainstream manufacturer of home, bright base, Ketejie, platinic gold understood. The salesperson of the manufacturer is very active, came over to explain one time.

See a product from the function about the same, the business personnel of A company is told very outstandingly, the systematic interface of B company is very friendly, the product of C company is very complex, su Peng not quite habit.

Through type selecting, su Peng feels the product of A and B company suits most, financial after all system is opened inferior amount to the product that those who use is A company, but the custom-built cost of A company is very many yuan about 50 high, laborious always was overruled very quickly.

The interface of B company is pretty good really, su Peng feels the company is used the most appropriate, the quote laborious that the key is them always can be accepted, open inferior the systematic requirement enumerate that amount to comes out, their quote still is less than 300 thousand yuan.

Su Peng thinks originally anyway, the product of the home that where to choose is decided by boss and manpower resource chief inspector, he is in charge of offerring decision-making information to go. But, li Nan knows B company has free edition product, told to the boss next, implication, sent product Su Peng wants expenditure to be close to 300 thousand yuan to buy unexpectedly. But, those who send is stand-alone edition cannot exceed 100 employee. This is a manufacturer apparently to sell a product, open inferior the factory that amount to 3000 much people, plant with this the product is far from imaginable.

Su Peng and Li Nan are in laborious always before conflict arises. Li Nan insists to organize development HR software by oneself, he says: "The business otherness that be in is put between not congenial enterprise, this brings about the side key of HR and administrative pattern to differ somewhat necessarily, i.e. is had certain ' personalized feature ' . Accordingly, what you imagine like purchasing financial software, HR software also should ' buy namely use namely ' idea is not actual. And cost of software of proper motion development is low, the company is developed, the branch can be used for many times, return the personalized demand of OK and contented company. Return the personalized demand of OK and contented company..

Su Peng objects stoutly, he says: Basketry guide cliff of destroy of word of  of graceful press and smooth of ⒌ of  of zinc of pregnant of  of  っ sole is simian  of Gui of correct of annulus of the R that bask in Α and Fei of Xie of  of  of  of Bi of cough of ⑷ of health eye  protects the deceive of leech  large bamboo hat  of Tiao of  brandish Xing Di. The demand that  Ju wides system of HR of 醗 of Ni of  of over sixty years of age puts forward wants a place; Because commercial software is faced with the market to compete to live mediumly problem, often go after to the queen's taste, and because project development lacks this kind of power, it is muddle through one's work only likely. It is muddle through one's work only likely..
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