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Ren Jinhan: Succeed and purchase 4 essential factor
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Depend on natural resources of low cost labor, chinese enterprise already gained definite advantage in world manufacturing industry, however, after China joins WTO, china is below the circumstance with saturated with each passing day home market, also facing the formidable competition pressure of the enterprise that cross a state at the same time. For with develop the market competes, cast off cheap figure of goods production trade, internationalization makes the inevitable trend of Chinese enterprise. Begin from 2003, associate, the influential in home big company such as Er of TCL, sea, the hope marchs through be being bought overseas market, be on internationalization road, however things go contrary to one's wishes. According to the report, the successful rate that at present our country enterprise crosses a state and buys has 20% only to 30% , can win financial dominant position through be being bought, those who promote competition ability is a few enterprise only.

On forum of crackajack on June 19, 2008 controller, president of big China division and Aimosheng are electric before Ai Mo gives birth to electric company (China) the experience that Mr Ren Jinhan shared president of investment limited company to Ai Mo gives birth to a company and be bought. Ai Mo gives birth to the phylogeny of the company, also can understand what succeed for to be bought on certain level history, have in 60 subsidiary that money whole world starred 500 strong companies are had completely this 2003 many obtain through buying a form, mr Ren Jinhan introduces: "The company is in Aimosheng go more than 30 years, did more than 200 and buy an item, the successful rate that buys is 80% above. The successful rate that buys is 80% above..

Why Ai Mo gives birth to a company buy successful rate so tall? Mr Ren Jinhan says: "When we begin to buy an item, also not be so easy, unsuccessful circumstance also is more. " the reason that fails through the analysis, aimosheng sums up the 4 essential factor that went out and purchase a success: 1, company culture (or the DNA) of the enterprise; 2, the integrated ability that runs a group; 3, integrated plan; 4, preparation works. On this foundation, ai Mo lays continual him improvement the ability of these 4 respects, score a success thereby.

   Inspect the DNA of target company

Mr Ren Jinhan says: "We often can ask, is the culture that Ai Mo gives birth to him how? Whether can describe come out, perhaps write down, make someone else understandable (clear) . " Aimosheng is the DNA cent of the enterprise two parts, a part is to be able to use a number to show come, include to grow with expenditure of profit target, capital, research and development (return rate of R&D) charge, total investment (development cycle of ROTC) , product, the number that quantifies with these undertakes measuring to target company.
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