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The big current that manpower resource runs
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Gain ground extensively and use of Internet, make the transmission of information and growth show geometrical progression, at this point, brought new issue to manpower resource branch. For example: Applicant is like a fax through traditional pattern not only, mail the letter of to apply for a job that delivers them, resume, and a large number of use E, the way with fast and this kind of low cost, convenient l of m a i , if manpower resource branch does not have psychology to prepare to this, so be used receive E, the mailbox of l of m a i and server face explosion and the risk that break down.

In the meantime, if why be handled thousands of E, l of m a i , will tell to manpower resource branch also is a problem. It is to make sure those include an individual to secret resume and letter of to apply for a job won't be divulged and be abused above all, this is pair of to apply for a job person basic esteem; Next, preliminary after choosing, can have the very much person that accord with conditional to apply for a job, the arrangement of interview is a big question. The network makes invite applications for a job is reduced somewhat on initiative cost, but, accentuated however succeed cost.

The form that the network makes groom more rich and colorful, the step is more significant. The form that employee grooms has been the state that I simple say to you listen no longer. The natural resources of the network is extremely substantial, encourage employee to make full use of network resource, strengthen post to groom, become a lot of companies groom plan.

Teach systematic development remotely, can make choice of manpower resource branch best, performance/price ratio first-rate grooms the company is carried out groom, reduced greatly groom charge and shortened groom time.

Of course, the means that the master trains an apprentice is in a lot of experience the industry is essential still, but, master and prentice the contact between also already more and more the electron was changed.

   Firewood fulfil welfare

The network makes firewood proposes a toast the plan of welfare, statistic, computation, change, extend more agile, information is communicated more convenient. A lot of companies had begun to use systematic software to have the job of this respect, but opposite investment wants a lot of. General situation company considers from figure and safe angle, won't use the software that is not an authorised edition, the most economic condition is much chance of a software is used, but software of this meeting generation buys cost issue, and the system defends the issue with safety.

   Employee concerns

The electron that at present personnel file manages changes rate very low still, in light of general situation, management just still lies on the administrative levels of catalog management, with the management of the communication of employee and deep administrative levels still a lot of articles can be done.
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