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Future does not have care 2 quarters net profit falls 3 into
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Because income of traditional help wanted falls, future does not have care (NASDAQ: JOBS) the newspaper of 2 quarters money that publishs yesterday shows net glides compared to the same period 35% . Analytic personage points out, glide in hypostatic economy below the big setting of economy of network of be a burden on, olympic Games element still can arise to be pulled certainly to the income of portal information website touch effect, but the income foreground of other network company appears from this differentiation.

Because did not amount to an orgnaization to anticipate, fill the stock grade that announces to reduce future not to have care high, by neuter " Neutral " reduce to sell piece " Sell " , move target share price low to 15, 17 dollars.

Income adds profit to fall

Future does not have care total battalion of the 2nd quarter closes it is 218.7 million yuan (add up to 31.9 million dollar about) , grow 4.2% compared to the same period; Net profit is 19.3 million yuan (add up to) of 2.8 million dollar about, glide 37.8% ; Every United States is put hold proof accrual in the palm to be 0.1 dollars.

The analyst thinks, future did not achieve the whole before this to anticipate without the outstanding achievement of care. Investigation of finance and economics shows Shangmusen, the analyst predicts future does not have care before this every United States keeps the 2nd quarter hold proof accrual in the palm to be 0.14 dollars, battalion closes for 33.81 million dollar.

Future does not have care is the enterprise of network invite applications for a job that home appears on the market the first times. But in its outstanding achievement, the business contribution of 42.9% closes for the advertisement battalion of publication, amount to 13.7 million yuan, glide compared to the same period 12.7% ; The income of network invite applications for a job is occupied 37.9% , amount to 12.1 million dollar, grow 17% compared to the same period.

The 3rd quarter that future announces without care anticipates opposite also relatively conservative. Its battalion receives humanness civilian money 205 million, 215 million yuan (close about 29.9 million to) of 31.3 million dollar. Not plan reward defray and exchange deficit into equity / accrual (not according to) of standard of American general accounting, every common stock after future predicts without care the 3rd quarter is adjusted spreads out small profit is 0.38 yuan completely, 0.48 yuan (every United States is put hold a proof in the palm to spread out small profit is completely 0.11, 0.14 dollars) .

The industry faces test

All point out in a series of reports that issued letter of Hua Qi, luck a few days ago, second half of the year especially economy of Internet of four quarters China is added fast get likely of global economy condition affect and put delay. Industry worries generally, of a few southern enterprises close down bring about obtain employment rate to reduce, can produce chain reaction to industry of network invite applications for a job.
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