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Strategical manpower resource manages carry out
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Be in strategical in the process that manpower resource carries out, must join each link of manpower resource effectively rise, can promote the butt joint of manpower resource management and company strategy on one hand, make company strategy can coach manpower resource manages. On the other hand, manpower resource is in charge of those who understand stimulative company strategy to carry out.

In fact, whether the enterprise is or will carry out strategical manpower resource management, the standard of its judge is not difficult, see company strategy whether be conducted namely on the manpower endowment source control of the enterprise, in the meantime, the manpower resource of the enterprise manages what whether support company strategy to carry out, if the answer is affirmative, the manpower endowment source control of so undoubted enterprise can is certainly strategical manpower resource management.

Company strategy can is by expression in plan of specific manpower resource activity, according to company strategy, manpower resource makes all sorts of policy and specific plan, subsequently, manpower resource policy is carried out to go down, carry out while, initiate by manpower resource branch, each branches are right of manpower resource carry out undertake controlling, supervise, analysis and evaluation, try to improve ceaselessly.

" commerce is commented on " total scheme and chief editor of the first to be appointed to an office, medium management of Europe business school learns to teach Dr. Xin Rong to think, the lever of 6 manpower resource -- , of capacity of the configuration of employee, staff groom, the transmission of information of interior of the culture that the performance of the enterprise evaluates system, company, enterprise must want to agree in coordination, cooperate each other, this is having important sense to implementing the manpower resource strategy of the enterprise.

6 lever are used in specific company strategy to arrive on strategy of resource of company labor power, may perforative at such in conducting catenary, go, namely company strategy -- , business flow -- , organize adaptability -- , affirmatory post -- , the employee that finds appropriate post -- , guide employee to enter a part -- , offer drive sexual firewood reward, . From such in conducting catenary, can see, in fact, strategical manpower resource is to help a company will original " company strategy " conduct go down, final implementation " the organization develops " . And this conducts catenary, covered the function of each respects of manpower resource management, include to organize demand of resource of design, station design, manpower analysis, invite applications for a job, groom drive of respond with a poem of assessment of development, performance, firewood is waited a moment. In the meantime, this system can aggrandizement each branches take what manpower resource manages seriously, can will strategical manpower resource manages as close together as routine union to rise.
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