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The synergic index that employee utilization rate can quantify
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Be in China, the high-level controller of a lot of enterprises ever had such complaining: The synergic sex between employee is very poor, cross a branch to communicate forever not smooth.

Recently, enterprise of IBM whole world seeks advice from an investigation that serves a ministry to show, what tall tube of industry of a lot of China complains no less than, chinese enterprise is versed in in the member that drive mutual cooperation in order to increase effectiveness respect of cooperation under the whole world average level () seeing a picture.

IBM ever also had had such experience, as introduced employee utilization rate (Utilization, abbreviation UT) this one concept, the synergic degree between employee just gets promotion. Look in Li Huamin, UT applies to a lot of knowledge enterprise. Goosefoot is enterprise of IBM whole world capital of assistant partner of advisory service ministry, manpower manages business leader.

  UT, it is the time concept of core with the project

"UT is concept of a time, when use, should be core with project working hours and not be all working hours of employee. " how to use UT in the explanation when, advanced and advisory Wang Bo emphasizes ministry of advisory service of business of IBM whole world designedly, this is place of time of eye of an items of expenditure utilization rate of denotive manpower resource. It is with some employee or some posse team in the project uses man-day number is divided with year total working hours, the ratio that reach is UT value namely. UT cost is higher, those who show this employee or this group be jumped over by utilization rate tall.

Because form is other UT value will be different and set different value, to controller character, tall UT value perhaps is not a favour, explain he has not become governor truly, more time were spent on the project and did not realize the best configuration of resource. But to general staff character, UT cost is low, make clear him by utilization rate not tall, sat in the company " a cold reception " , even position one cannot say for sure.

Establish to what UT is worth, it is a relatively complex issue, need considers the history and the element that did not come and financial cost accounting to wait for relevant element.

"But UT is accomplished very hard absolutely accurate, in IBM, UT is OK distributive. Be born in the UT on the project than reviewing according to the facts plan 4 hours / day, additionally 4 hours are study time. Project classics pays attention to the element such as the ability according to the individual in the group, experience, knowledge to master this kind to allocate, this also is representing the allocation of firewood fulfil on degree certainly, the salary of the unit time of different level employee can be measured with UT time. " Wang Bo says.
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