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6 Xigema: Hind the trade war edge tool of ERP times
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20 centuries 70 time, american communication market gets the concussion of product of high quality Japan. At that time, although Motolora holds major market in American pager market, but its leadership position gets increasingly however the menace of Japanese enterprise. 1979, its are presiding Gao Erwen of apparitor Bob · is in " our quality how terrible was appeared " disease breathes out, begin to be carried out energetically 6 Xigema (it is representing quality level, point to 1 million times to 3 do not exceed below the opportunity. 4 blemish) . Try hard through practice of a few years, design from what face engineering capability (DFM) groom the project arrives 6 Xigema devises a method (DFSS) carry out in project Technical Division and other department, 6 Xigema gets applying extensively inside limits of Motolora entire company, promotion. The target of improvement in quality that the 6 mighty power that Xigema produces are Motolora is improved by 5 original years every 10 times raised 100 times. Accordingly, 1988, national quality large award surprises in the heart of Bao of · of Ma Erke Mu that Motolora won American government to issue. Arrive 10 years of 1997 from 1987, the 6 sale that Xigema allows Motolora grew 5 times, profit increased by degrees every year 20% .

When Ravi Boxidi hears 6 Xigema's stories of Gaoerwen, making a whole to how will combine signal to assemble truly, the executive power capacity that transforms a company quickly and hesitate. Bo Xidi is the vice-president of current electric equipment so, combining signal company is him took over 1991 incorporate by many companies the company that establish. The 6 edge tool that Xigema became Boxidi to transform associated signal -- the post study sth in order to apply it that oneself return after the controller of each district, staff is learning 6 Xigema's methods and tool, solve real problem, it is to improving quality aspect not only, more change in organization and company culture respect. Company earnings broke up almost inside 6 years double -- 3 from 1991. 4.2 billion dollar rose 11 1997. 700 million dollar.

Spring 1995, general and electric grow because of business high speed, problem of occurrence product quality, after president Jackie Welch encounters his old friend Bo Xidi again, open general and electric 6 Xigema's brigade. His hope will be universal electric make 6 Xigema enterprise, general and electric the most precious money leaves when retiring 2001 as him. Be in general and electric, 6 Xigema's action are gone to by play acme, at the same time 6 oneself also got Xigema develop. At that time, welch is business affairs of Xigema and globalization, service, 6 electrons strategy of general and electric 4 great progress surely. Be in general and electric, the 6 control that Xigema is quality only no longer and statistic, however will human affairs, finance affairs and 6 Xigema is united in wedlock together, can complete change the administrative system of a company. Its initiate champion, black band is Great Master, black band, green of the belt groom case of persons qualified to teach and system, with general and electric oneself means, advance 6 Xigema.
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