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Handling the contradictory all through the ages between outstanding achievement and employee is CEO people core place of the job. An economy organizes company since -- its live to depend on with development whether outstanding value is offerred in the globalization market of this brutal competition, it is organization of a sociality -- it affected employee deeply people the life. However, having too much leader is one-way thinking. We often see the following two kinds of CEO. The CEO of a lot of companies the enormous pressure by force of capital market, can put the central issue of attention in partner entirely people on the body, the tendency certainly will of this kind of lean to one side allows employee people disappointed, reduce employee to create the capacity of long-term value. And additionally a few CEO, their beyond the mark attention to company staff, culture and tradition may bring about ego to satisfy again, let an enterprise lose competitive energy thereby.

In a year of in the past, we are Gao Chengnuo, tall to those the research that the strategy of the company leader of outstanding achievement and practice did extensive development, only those are confirmed to be the company that has Gao Chengnuo by many news source, ability enters our research list. The characteristic of these companies is the company has commitment to employee, employee also has commitment to the company, both sides cashs hard these acceptance, and the outstanding achievement that the company obtained arrogant person finally.

CEO people clear, the outstanding achievement of the company must achieve the slashing requirement of investor. If get errant investor, saying like place of a CEO: "Other notted matter, be in because of your company gone, just die so that mix quickly dead to get slow problem. " however, outstanding outstanding achievement is not hands-down, below a lot of case, it asks leader is adopted extremely bold, outstanding change act.

In fact, the CEO that we study people the challenge that answered major strategy to change with culture directly. But only the honor by CEO, can not let what faculty believes choose a hardship change method is reasonable, the CEO that we study people through 4 strategy convinced employee under union. The first, they can be accepted with open manner do not add the fact that color, this makes they obtained the credit that the company fluctuates. The 2nd, they and employee become one with, have furtive communication directly with employee. The 3rd, after consolidating the position obtains employee to trust, these CEO people can drive employee to develop the work around schedule of a focus. at 4 o'clock, also be last bits, although the personality of each tall canals is very strong, but, they also realize: Establish the tall canal group with a main and consistent, devoted target only, they just can score a success.

Become increasing in view of the enterprise yuan change and globalization, the leader of company of Gao Chengnuo, high performance realizes, in the global market with intense today competition, will affirmatory, community and common cause build the lifelong employ in employee, ethics and culture likeness the sort of slick way over the gender already far insufficient. Accordingly, they must make can make employee people the common cause that emotionally causes resonance. The core of this common cause is ternary acceptance: The company founds help employee a more good world; Realize your employee people the outstanding achievement that feels proud; For employee people the space that provides personal growth. Company leader is cash these 3 affirmatory and work hard, because they know, each acceptance can be whole company rise in value, also can make drive at the same time the powerful motive force of each employee.
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