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Raise executive force to make monopolistic team red-blooded
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Strengthen executive force construction, raise the job to implement power, it is the inevitable requirement that fulfils scientific progress view in the round, it is the important safeguard that nicotian industry implementation stabilizes healthy and harmonious development continuously. In competition intense market economy condition falls, of an enterprise live and develop a key to depend on carrying out force to whether reach the designated position, the key is carrying out the discretion of force at the job. Prefectural class bureau executes the law as the basic level of nicotian industry unit, be opposite independence at the same time execute the law main body, raise executive power ability to promote monopolistic level of management in the round only, cogent maintain national interest and consumer interest.

   One, the value that increases executive power

Alleged executive force, it is every employee sets out from global interest, produce subjective activity and creativity, ground of with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning is carried out fulfil superior each policy policy and working deploy. Executive force is the core competition ability that is an enterprise, do not have cohesive affinity without executive force, without the creativity, space that did not develop continuously. Executive job is done well with bad, matter to an organization to be carried out decision-makingly directly fulfil. Of executive job quality tall with low, what affect working job directly is successful finish. To nicotian and monopolistic job, executive force is caught well, monopolistic team is full of spark and vigor, monopolistic government works can solid begin; Conversely, executive force is caught badly, can be opposite market base is solid and firm produced bigger effect. Accordingly, the executive power that enhances nicotian and monopolistic job wants to be a target in order to lay firm market base and working foundation namely, carry out with the working style of with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning fulfil bureau of province, city (company) a series of decision-making deploy, press job of qualitative the job that finish on time.

   2, the case study with executive not powerful force

Executive capability is not strong, it is degree differs only just, body carries out process and current situation in monopolistic management now in, existing to pay attention to detail little, faintness is carried out; Executive simplification, take seriously those who carry out is perfect and insufficient; Innovation of idea of acute of the lack in executive process, idea is little, the method is insufficient wait for a problem. Incorporate is the following at 3 o'clock:

   It is optional sex. Main watch treats the manner on executive problem now, accord with him apiration namely or work related to own job decision-making deploy is carried out actively, conversely, not serious or protracted carry out. This kind of optional sex, essence is consciousness of devoid overall situation and discipline idea, it is the expression that lacks group spirit to working to be mixed irresponsibly.
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