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Strong strong together Shenzhen humble Sike is allied Shenzhen talent net
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A few days ago, sike of humble of Shenzhen of orgnaization of service of the bag outside resource of manpower of domestic high end and net of talent of Shenzhen of website of invite applications for a job of place of Shenzhen old brand sign strategic cooperation agreement formally. According to the agreement, shenzhen humble Si Ke will get information of invite applications for a job of Shenzhen talent net to release this advantage to serve, and the professional experience that Shenzhen talent net also will get more to serve a client from Shenzhen humble Si Ke. Of industry of talent of Shenzhen of this collaboration it may be said strong strong together.

The bag outside regarding high-end manpower as resource serves a brand, since Feisike founds Shenzhen oneself, dedicated all the time the solution is included outside the manpower resource at offerring whole to be in enterprise of deep foreign capital, the bag outside solving a method to include ways of the world, talent is sent and head of hunt of invite applications for a job. Shenzhen humble Si Ke is in Shenzhen area, support through strong service ability, agile and the service program of individual character and rich service practice experience, the enterprise of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan that invests to be in place and foreign enterprise offerred valuable manpower resource to serve.

It is reported, shenzhen talent net is the official website of service center of communication of Shenzhen city qualified personnel, take a center " seek development to create opportunity for the talent, build platform to develop the ability that enrol a person " service concept, innovate ceaselessly. With Shenzhen this Feisike undertakes cooperative, the major that took a fancy to Shenzhen humble Si Ke namely serves ability and market service consciousness, the market is increased to run innovation of the element in existing system.

The personage inside course of study expresses, in recent years as domestic industry upgrade, the business is more and more delicate to requirement of manpower resource service change, resource of traditional extensive type manpower serves already incommensurate current society to serve the demand of means to manpower resource. Build Gao Shuiping specialization manpower resource serves kind, specific aim ground provides man-to-man manpower resource service for the enterprise, it is the tendency that the whole of manpower resource service industry develops, and this is platform of service of Shenzhen talent network and Shenzhen Feisike specializations and the meaning of union of photograph of means of individual character service is in.

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