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The 4 great tangle of the Ehr of Chinese enterprise
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The electronic solution that manages technically in the light of manpower resource -- informatization of electron of management of Ehr(manpower resource) emerge as the times require. Of Ehr carry out make Hr personnel has more time and energy to undertake not only strategical think, still build the working platform that has standardization, standardization, network, the different role on catenary of zoology of manpower endowment source control connection rises, realize an enterprise truly " resource of overall labor power manages " . Although Ehr can bring so great profit, but it gets " pay " the profit that can not bring to the enterprise like it however in that way, does the reason where? How to solve?


Union offers Hr to seek advice from a certain number of experience of the service and experience, think to be below current real environment, the Ehr process of Chinese enterprise, existing the 4 development bottleneck that break through urgently greatly:


The business is in charge of the recognizant vacancy of the layer high


Develop quickly in Chinese economy these in year, the enterprise grooms to what manpower resource manages basically center in controller of professional manpower resource to go up personally, and those who ignored pair of Ceo is relevant groom, make a lot of Ceo right manpower resource management lacks rational understanding to lack perceptual knowledge again already. Right mostly Ceo, a lot of management element that is in an enterprise (capital, technology, market, talent waits) in, manpower resource is most vague concept, they often regard manpower resource as a kind of have to cost expense, and did not promote a remarkable strategy height the management to manpower resource truly. So, the Hr branch of the enterprise should make above all Ceo people the value that realizes manpower resource manages, make its become the demand sponsor that manpower resource manages.   

Come from the obstruction of Hr branch interior

Main show is in the obstruction that comes from interior of enterprise Hr branch two respects: The first, hr personnel is mixed basically theoretically the inadequacy of ability, this kind of circumstance exists generally in a lot of enterprises of China. From on the whole, at present professional Hr staff still lacks our country very, the manpower endowment source control of a lot of enterprises still stays at level of human affairs administration, do not talk to go up to undertake for the long-term development of the enterprise at all strategical manpower resource program. The 2nd, some Hr personnel contracts scared disease to new technology, do not understand also not be willing to study new technology. After carrying out a success when an enterprise Ehr, the routine work of a lot of traditions can pass electronic information system to be handled quickly, and the working technological process that this wants to change Hr personnel to had been been used to necessarily and means, they will assume more creativity jobs. The accuracy that past Hr branch masters how many data and data after all may have themselves to just be clear about only, but after using Ehr, all information can expose the staff that heads layer and relevant department in the enterprise before, can generate pressure to Hr branch thereby. Of ability be short of the self with hoggish estrangement to make disappear of some Hr personnel polar the Ehr course that seeks all sorts of excuse not to wish to urge a company.   
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