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Strategic manpower resource manages, create company new competition ability
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From 2007 the bottom begins, with bead trigonometry develops for the representing's economy area, appeared large quantities of enterprises cancel city appearance, traditional labor is concentrated model the factory begins to evacuate this area. Of China " world plant " face enormous pressure. Believe such thing also can happen in long triangle and more Chinese economy regions. It seems that, the inflection point of Chinese manufacturing industry had come 2008.

Suffer China to export drawback policy to adjust, and the United States second the influence that lends disturbance, chinese company exit measures acute to decrease; Together with is new apply " labor contract law " the protective provision that increased pair of staff, while raw material price is ceaseless and bullish, chinese manufacturing industry encountered the new issue that labour cost promotes again. These phenomena are behaved centrally not only at manufacturing industry, chinese all trades and professions encountered similar problem.

Develop quickly in economy, big country rises abruptly today, what is the core competition ability of Chinese enterprise? How to create the competitive dominant position with Chinese new company? Is the road in He Fang?

   Evolve from what baud theory sees company competition ability

The whole world is famous baud of Michael of company strategy Great Master will " totle drilling cost is banner the strategy " , " poor dissimilation strategy " and " concentrated change the strategy " end is the mainest business competitive strategy is academic. We from " totle drilling cost is banner the strategy " how is the competition ability that will see contemporary company formed. In short, when the product that totle drilling cost precedes even if offerring same standard or service, the totle drilling cost of the enterprise under the competitor, such ability have market speech to counterpoise, have competitive advantage.

Reforming and opening comes 30 years, chinese enterprise is obtained " cost is banner " the method of the advantage and means also are developing ceaselessly, the competition ability of the enterprise the change as cost is ceaseless and migratory. (see a table 1)

80 time, china uses cheap land resource, need not the environment of cost is paid and cheap labour force, acquired stronger market competition dominant position, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in also letting walks out of mill type to manage, formed those who have certain dimensions, the contemporary company on real significance. In this one phase, manufacturing data is in short supply, effectively arrangement produces data and pull current Cheng, punctual production and play are the biggest produce the key that can become an enterprise to gain competitive advantage. Producing cost also is the cost with the biggest company. Partial enterprise begins to use the software such as MRP, MRPII, more scientific, more economic ground manages good raw material to purchase, inventory and pull current Cheng, in order to ensure the cost with lowest supplies the market.
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