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Second borrow the crisis: The crisis of domestic banking talent
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Wall street storm cutting down the member of persons employed makes financial talent a fleeing army's suspicion of danger at the slightest sound, talent of a few banking is changing China of to apply for a job of door front courtyard.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) released in Washington a few days ago " global finance stabilizes a report " evaluate, by the United States second the global finance that borrows the crisis to cause is queasy will cause the huge loss that is as high as 945 billion dollar. In the past in a year of many time, dimension of industry of wall street banking borrows the loss that the crisis causes to exceed 200 billion dollar, already had many 34 thousand stuff " come off sentry duty " , two years industry of wall street banking returns predicting tomorrow will cut down the member of persons employed 20 thousand person.

Second borrowing the crisis is the optimal opportunity that China draws talented person of American high end, meanwhile, "Home is built " financial talent will face brutal competition.

   Cut down the member of persons employed cause a talented person " circumfluence "

This year Maliya of 36 years old, it is one is born in new York what Aoerbani presses down Sino-US and allied family is mongrel, ever lived 7 years in Beijing. Recently 5 months, she discovers she rambles the time of high-quality market is less and less, more hate to part with buy high-grade dress and cosmetic. Suffer second lend crisis influence, she lost a finance affairs that worked more than 7 years to analyse the job, life quality drops many. One day, she makes a telephone call in the uncle of Beijing: "And other places of Chinese Beijing, Shanghai is badly in need of financial talent, you can change door front courtyard comes to China work! " in the uncle the help falls, she passes Internet to China a few well-known hunt head companies handed over resume. "Beijing has two hunt head to already passed MSN to undertake interview to me, if successful, beijing opens the Olympic Games, I can go country a transnational corporation of trade went to work! " agitato says Maliya.

Maliya is wall street only 34 thousand " come off sentry duty " an epitome in personnel. From July 2007 second borrow the crisis " assault " industry of wall street banking " Gemini tower " -- after negotiable securities of Hua Qi group, United States forest, american banking industry sweep storm cutting down the member of persons employed, the financial talent of a lot of a fleeing army's suspicion of danger at the slightest sound changes look of to apply for a job to China accordingly.

Bimaliya of the swift-footed arrive first is Wang Zhilin, he is local born and bred Peking Man, already will go back to the motherland from wall street in May this year, seek in Beijing banking market a yearly salary many yuan 50 job. "Always ' circumfluence ' talent, should write on resume only perfectness and bilingual, exceed the experience of transnational corporation work of 5 years of above, in can making key point of domestic hunt head delicious ' prey ' . Although the pay of financial market is a few less than abroad, but money view is broad. " Mr Wang gets the ground quite purposely to say.
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